Frequently Asked Question

What is a BO account?

BO account means Beneficiary Owners Account. For starting trading in the stock market of Bangladesh, you are required to have a BO account. The BO account will be used to manage your investment in the share market and day trade shares of different companies.

How many BO account one can open?

As you are a general investor you need to open a Single or Joint BO account. A person can open two Beneficiary Owners account in his/her in Total Communication Ltd. one single account and one joint account.

What is IPO?

When a private company first sells shares of stock to the public, this process is known as an initial public offering (IPO). In essence, an IPO means that a company’s ownership is transitioning from private ownership to public ownership. For that reason, the IPO process is sometimes referred to as “going public.”

What is the difference between primary and secondary share?

The primary market is where securities are created, while the secondary market is where those securities are traded by investors. In the primary market, companies sell new stocks and bonds to the public for the first time, such as with an initial public offering (IPO).

What is the minimum amount for stock market?

If you want to invest in the secondary market, there is no minimum amount. You can start as low as Tk. 25,000. If you want to apply for IPOs, typically IPOs start as low as Tk.10,000. It depends on your investment outlook.

Is there any APP for trading?

For iPhone and Android devices you can download the new DSE Mobile App. You can trade right from your phone with this app. You may use your phone to buy or sell stocks, manage your portfolio, track individual stocks, set up alerts and watch lists, and obtain the latest exchange news, among other things. Both iPhone and Android versions are available for download. To trade on this APP you required a user ID and password and you will received your user ID through your email in 2 business days after your application.

What are the requirements to create a BO account?

Opening BO Account with Total Communication Ltd.

Bangladeshi National :
1. A complete set of account opening form
2. Two copy of passport size photograph of the account holder(s)
3. National ID card/Passport
4. One copy of photograph of nominee / authorized / POA (If needed)
5. Bank Statement/Photocopy of Cheque Leaf.

Bangladeshi Institutions :
1. A complete set of account opening form
2. Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Associations
3. Copy of trade license (if any)
4. Board regulations
5. Two copy of passport size photograph of authorized person.
6. Bank Statement/Photocopy of Cheque Leaf

Foreign Company / Institutions :
1. A complete set of account opening form
2. Company Memorandum and Articles of Associations
3. Copy of trade license
4. Board resolutions
5. Two copy of passport size photograph of authorized person(s)

NRB ( Non Resident Bangladeshi ) :
1. Photocopy of Passport / Social Security Card / Resident Card etc duly attested (if you are situated in a foreign country then attestation needs to be done by the respective Bangladesh Embassy or High Commission).
2. An FC account with any Bank with branch in Bangladesh.
3. Two passport size photographs of the account holder(s).
4. A Nominee – beneficiary in case of death of the investor.
5. His/her signature and photo (duly attested by the investor) on the prescribed form provided by the brokerage house.
6. Employment certificate / trade license copy / work permit or Pay slip / tax return document as a proof of earning status of the NRB.
7. A nominated person with POA (Power of Attorney) who will sign trading documents on behalf of the NRB while he is abroad.
8. His/her photo (attested by the NRB) and signature in a prescribed form by the brokerage house (POA can be any adult person of legal age residing in Bangladesh).

Digital Booth

What is Digital Booth ?
Digital booth is a small version of a branch office offering the same services & facilities of a branch. It is controlled by the corporate office or branch office.

What services will be rendered from digital booth of Total Communication Ltd.?
• Online and manual BO A/C opening and closing.
• Share trading facility.
• Online trading Service.
• Fund deposit and requisition service.
• Various training programs for a new investor as well as existing investor.

Number of Digital Booths TCL has.
We have one Digital Booth located at Nawabganj. We are in process of opening several other digital booths across Bangladesh.

What is the operating time of Digital Booth?
Our Digital Booth operates from 9am – 5pm on from Sunday to Thursday and trading hour is Trading time is 9:45 AM to 2:45 PM (Including Pre-Opening and Post-Closing Session).